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Our motto is "Why buy when you can rent!" Sure it's fun to shop for all your wedding day needs, but honestly, who has the time and money? Simple Elegance offers a wide variety of equipment and decor so look no further. Our rentals are perfect for garden weddings or any location that you need to bring in the big stuff, like a ceremony arch and wedding pillars. Many times, reception halls offer boring centerpiece options within their standard banquet packages. Don't get stuck with boring! We have an enormous amount of centerpiece vase options that will add beauty to the florals or candles you have in mind for your reception. And if the reception hall charges an arm and a leg for chair covers, don't fret, we have chair sashes at a fraction of the price that the rental companies are charging. Simple Elegance is your best option for having fabulous decor, lighting, and cool pictures from just one vendor!

Connecticut Wedding Planner, Rentals, DJ Entertainment, Photo Booth Services.
Basic Needs
Simple Elegance has a wide range of basic items that any wedding or event should not go without. We hold a vast array of ceremony decor, reception centerpiece vases, chargers and candle holders to choose from. We also stock chair sashes for events up to 120 guests. Needless to say, our warehouse is packed! And if we don't have it, we will help you track it down.

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Connecticut Wedding Planner, Rentals, DJ Entertainment, Photo Booth Services.
Uplighting / Custom Monogram


Uplighting adds that pop of color some rooms so desperately need. We will customize the colors to match your decor, and place the lights according to your wishes.


Think it takes big bucks to have a custom monogram for your big day? Think again. We're doing it at an affordable price. With the rental of our Monogram Projector, we will create an image that can be projected onto most surfaces. Who doesn't want to take their first dance with Mr. & Mrs. shining brightly for all to see?


Will your custom Monogram be traditional? Or completely unique? It's your choice, we'll make it happen!


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Connecticut Wedding Planner, Rentals, DJ Entertainment, Photo Booth Services.
Mobile Photo Booth


Introducing our latest acquisition, a Mobile Photo Booth!!! Rent our booth at an insanely affordable price compared to your local photography studio. Whether it's for a few hours, or the entire night, your guests will have a blast taking selfies and then taking the pictures home as a souvenir.


And if you happen to miss all the fun, we can give you copies of the photos to create an album on Facebook or Instagram.


Show off your wedding and commemorate the fun!



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